Corked Straight Black Single Origin Sulawesi

Corked Straight Black Single Origin Sulawesi

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Doyle Heritage Series

The Doyle Heritage Series focuses on the unique, unadulterated flavors of the coffee and its provenance. Brewed under the Kyoto-drip method, the organic single origin Sulawesi results in a deliciously smooth and naturally sweet cup with notes of caramel and spice. Among the clouds of Indonesia in altitudes ranging from 3,600-7,200 ft, the beans are grown slowly, nourished within the rich flavors of the volcanic soil.

  • Altitude: 3,600 - 7,200 ft
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Region: Toraja, Sulawesi
  • Notes: Caramel and spice
  • Water Type: Mountain Valley Spring Water - Arkansas


Corked Series: Barcart Edition

The 750 mL bourbon Nordic bottle was conceived by the founders three cocktails in, when they realized there was no elegant way to feature their single origin coffee in the bar cart. This 750 mL bottle contains four 8-ounce ready-to-drink servings. While the product is great for three weeks if kept corked and chilled upon opening, we don't suspect there will be any left after the evening.


You Deserve Raised Standards

Founder's Note | Jenny - When Connor first told me he was interested in something from Indonesia, I laughed and rolled my eyes - a thinly veiled beach party (conveniently around the time of his birthday) under the excuse of the noble pursuit of Altitude.

However, he came through clutch! This specific Sulawesi bean has less moisture retained than the savory, almost funky, Sumatran bean, resulting in a soft and syrupy body. This is the smoothest, least acidic cold brew I have tried so far.

PS - About 70% of Connor's Southeast Asia expense report was rejected...